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BodySmooth Painless Waxing

A number of people have expressed fear of waxing simply because they had some kind of bad experience with waxing in the past.  For this reason, we always encourage our waxing clients to try our waxing techniques so they can put their fears behind them.  When the right technique is employed during waxing; which is to quickly cover the area of waxing as soon as hair is waxed, the amount of rush-in air is limited that would normally cause the painful sting.  Painless waxing comes with years of waxing experience.
Second reason for our painless waxing is the different types of wax that we combine to create the perfect mix, right strength and consistency for the types of hair we work on.  Below we list our best BodySmooth waxing features.

Deluxe Cream Wax:

The vitamins and rich emollients in this deluxe depilatory wax help to soften and smooth the hair shaft for ultra-soothing wax treatments. This wax is specially suited for use on African-American and Latino clients to remove thick, coarse and curly hair.

Organic Soy Wax:
Spreads smoothly and evenly. Soft wax application with strip. All natural pure organic ingredients. Gently removes fine to medium hair and great for sensitive skin. Formulated with natural ingredients: soybean, honey, chamomile, palm oil, and grapeseed oil. It is Paraben and gluten free.

Honey Wax with Vitamin E Wax:
The combination of Vitamin E and honey creates an all-purpose depilatory wax that forms a natural buffer between wax and skin. Produced from natural pine resin and real beeswax, Honey Wax spreads thinly over large area of the body for exceptionally easy application. All skin and hair types.

Propolis Wax:
Our BodySmooth Ultra Sensitive Wax is specially formulated for acne or blemish prone skin, fair complexions, thin or young skin. Recommended for the facial area and sensitive parts of the body.

Lavender Wax With Chamomile:
With the naturally calming combination of lavender and chamomile, these soothing herbs create a wax that alleviates tension and relaxes hair follicles. Designed for medium to coarse hair from any area of the body, this premium wax is safe for all skin types. Formulated with the natural benefits of propolis.