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Parafango is a comprehensive spa massage wrap.

Exotic name, delightful results; this signature body massage wrap is the ultimate moisturizing experience. The body is exfoliated to start the detoxification process. An AHA amino serum for cellulite is applied and massaged on the whole body, followed by layers of our unique warm Parafango mineral-rich sea mud containing healing ingredients before wrapping you in a warm Infrared blanket. Results include lymphatic and circulation stimulation assisting the body in draining fats and toxins, polish, tone, condition and refresh the skin.

You can even chose the benefit of our Express Facial of Pure Organic Dead Sea Mud at half-price designed to heal and rejuvenate your face.

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Benefits of Parafango Body Massage Wrap
There are a number of different benefits of Parafango body wrap. One of the main reason people get a Parafango body massage wrap is because of its ability to help decrease cellulite. It also gives the skin a smooth appearance. It can heal dry cracked skin, relieve joint pain and soften stretch marks leaving them less visible.

More wonderful benefits of Parafango wraps is that it reduces water retention, promotes circulation and detoxifies the body.