30 min = 4 hours of concentrated exercise

           Inch Loss Is Noticeable

Immediately After The First Treatment

10, 20 or 30 Sessions Recommended Based On  Your Size & Weight

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LectroGym bodyslim treatment tones, tightens and actually exercises your muscles while you just sit back and relax! LectroGym  combines two precisely stimulated muscle movements which produce inch loss, weight loss and toning of targeted muscle groups. The muscle contracts at maximum intensity without injury or soreness giving rapid results.  A unique tortion movement forces fluid retention and toxins into the lymphatic system to be removed from the body.

No Anesthesia is required and small currents run between electrodes where a figure correction is planned. Belly and thighs areas can be treated simultaneously to mobilize fat.

By utilizing LectroGym a significant inch-loss can be seen in just one treatment in the abdomen, waistline, thighs or arms.  Depending on the individual, a client may lose cumulative inches following a series of treatments.  After the completion of a full treatment course, significant results may be realized. The results could be long term with a maintenance program. The treatment depends on the amount of fat a client wishes to lose.

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