Euroslim is awesome place to come if u are trying to lose weight or if u are trying to have flawless skin I been coming to visit Angel she is great at what she does & I will definitely be back!

KaShala W       3/5/2015

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EuroSlim Centre

I found Angel prior to days leading up to my wedding and I have been receiving transion sessions to tone and firm my problem areas -belly and thighs. The sessions prove immediate results (and of course more w/ each treatment) which leave me feeling more confident in my clothing and actually enjoy going to my exercise classes even more, several people have commented on my Weight loss, especially in my midriff area which is has been very difficult to lose due to my body type (and age).  Angel as been very flexible w/ meeting times, making it easier to travel the distance I come from. 

Janette G.    03/17/2015


Cherry Creek