How Transion Works

Immediate inch loss

General & Localised Slimming

Body Reshaping

Muscle Toning

Tissue Firming

Elimination of Fluid Retention

Improved Circulation

Increased Metabolism

Building Core Muscles for Men

Through sophisticated European Transion technology it is easy to achieve body contour and build core muscles while lying down comfortably within the Centre. Transion delivers very specific messages to muscle groups and stimulate them into perfect exercise for increasing metabolism (slimming) and toning muscles (firming).

Transion utilizes pulsating faradic and isotonic muscle contraction to improve muscle strength, reduce tissue fluid, build core muscles, increase metabolic rate thereby producing inch loss, improved muscle tone and body reshaping. Inch-loss is guaranteed between 1-6 inches in just ONE treatment.             

Small pads are placed on the body where treatment is required, faradic and isotonic waves are passed through the targeted muscle groups to generate a pain-free workout. You may feel some tingling sensation throughout the treatment.

Transion treatments can be applied on any part of the body. Most popular areas are abs, bum, thighs, arms, bust, chest and face. Transion is an ideal treatment for men and women seeking an overall body size reduction to reshape, building core muscles or for specific stubborn areas.  There can be a measurable difference in just ONE session.

Pain Relief

Transion can be used clinically for exercising those requiring long term confinement to bed.  Treatments once a week can be sufficient to stave off bed sores, thus saving the expense and strain of frequent turning.  Transion is also used where a patient is unable to use the parts of their body that would allow conventional exercise.

Transion allows the therapist or aesthetician to be selective and reduce or firm exactly the area the client requires.  No strain is put on the bones, joints or heart.

                           Winning The Battle!
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