What is Cellulite

Cellulite is referred to as the dimpled appearance, cottage cheese, orange peel, lumpy and bumpy fat deposits that push and distort the connective tissues beneath the skin. Though cellulite is a normal condition of the skin most women do not appreciate the characteristic changes in the skin appearance.

There is no surgery procedure for cellulite. Products and creams alone cannot get rid of cellulite. Though hormones may play a role in the pattern of fat distribution cellulite is not treatable by hormone therapy. Diet, supplements and exercise do not promote significant breakdown of fat. So, we introduce to you our ground breaking Cellutronic treatment.

Cellutronic Cellulite Reduction

 With Cellutronic cellulite reduction Body System we place large Infrared pads on the area to be treated. Electronic control program is selected based on the duration of the treatment time 30min, 40min and 50min.  Infrared rays penetrate the layers of the skin and generate slight warmth and tingling without any burning sensation.  The process helps to dissolve and smooth out the dimples on the skin surface referred to as cellulite. Results are noticeable after 1 block of 12 sessions 30mins each visit depending on your weight, size and type of cellulite.  For best smooth skin tone results 3 blocks of 12 sessions each is required increasing the time spent treating the same area to 50min in the final block, and should be applied to the same group of muscles.  Cellutronic cellulite treatment is not laser, non-invasive, non-surgical and no downtime.  Treatment can be carried out every day.  Consistency of treatment produces effective benefits which may last up to three years or more based on your lifestyle.

         Cellulite Reduction -  Before & After
             Before & After - Cellulite Reduction

Several months after your Cellutronic treatment your skin will develop a smooth and supple texture.  The fat deposits will continue to shrink due to the Cellutronic effect.  Since cellulite is formed over a long period of time, 3 blocks of 30mins, 40mins and 50mins is required to give you the smoothest body tone in the areas treated.  Just take a look at the  photos above and you will agree that Cellutronic can work for you too if you will take advantage of our low deal packages and give yourself the smooth cellulite-free body tone you always wanted.

Weight Loss Infra-red Body System

Cellutronic Body System when applied to stomach muscles, the radiant heat works to dissipate and dissolve hard fat.  The fat dissolves into soluble substances so you can burn more calories, giving you weight loss and reduce your belly size.

This body shaping Weight Loss System with Far Infrared Rays will help to dissolve hard fat in the body and the grease around the bowels and abdomen. It can also decrease oxygen consumption of fat cells within the excitable sympathetic nerves.  The program is organically combined with frequency scan circuit through a microcomputer system to create deep stimulant bio-electro action similar to a traditional Chinese acupuncture.

You can lose weight in a very short period of time due to the mass point stimulation. This is the best traditional way of losing weight, without creating a flab, as your body figure would be perfectly sculptured.

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Visits- Every day or every 2 days

For best results:
  3 blocks 12 sessions each  required

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